Creative Work by Sean Pruen
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Title: In The Kitchen

Client: Ikea

Agency: BBDO / Instinct (Moscow)

Year: 2011

Awards: FWA - Site Of The Day

This site gives users the ability to switch from different characters points of view as various interwoven stories unfold in five Ikea kitchens.

A head mounted 7D, a hand held GoPro and an Arri Alexa on a telescopic crane & steadicam rig were used as the eyes of a wide variety of people and animals including a dog, cat, fish, pigeon and fly.

All filming took place in Moscow, Russia. B-Reel colleagues and myself acted as on set consultants regarding the many digital technicalities. During postproduction Art Director Mark Wheeler and myself led all the grading, special fx, fixes and hotspot tracking as well as the building of the site. The final site contains over 1.5 hours of video and over 150 clickable tracked hotspots.