Creative Work by Sean Pruen
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Title: Web Lab

Client: Google Chrome

Agency: Google Creative Labs

Year: 2012

Location: London, UK

Awards: Cannes - Silver Lion / FWA - Site Of The Day / FWA - Site Of The Month / SXSW - Winner / Epica - Winner / Eurobest - Winner / D&AD

Web Lab is a groundbreaking, year-long exhibition, featuring five interactive Chrome Experiments that bring the amazing intricacies of the internet to life. Google Creative Lab and B-Reel partnered to develop the online user interface design and B-Reel produced each online experiment for the Web Lab. 

Visitors to the Science Museum (London) are able to play with five unique experiments. At the same time, online participants can interact with the same installations, in what is a truly global museum exhibit.

The whole project was an incredibly collaborative one which, involved the following partners; Google Creative Labs, TellArt, UPS, Bibliothèque, The Science Museum London and of course B-Reel.

My personal involvement with the project started when we pitched to Google and won the work for B-reel back in 2011. During production I collaborated with designers and developers to produce a wide variety of content for the virtual side of WebLab. Many of the of animations seen throughout the site and in the museum were drafted by myself and then recreated in code by developers. The logo animation as you enter the exhibition, the labtag creation sequence when you enter the site & the mapped animation projected onto the physical 3d world map in the museum are just some of these animations.

I put together the following PR videos which, explain the project from B-Reel's perspective aswell as how each of the five experiments work

EXP.1 - Universal Orchestra: An Internet-powered eight-piece orchestra creating harmonious music.

EXP.2 - Teleporters: A series of web-enabled periscopes through which you can access the world.

EXP.3 - Sketchbots: Custom-built robots able to take photographs and then sketch portraits in sand.

EXP.4 - Data Tracer: A tool to trace where the world's online information is physically stored.

EXP.5 -Lab Tag Explorer: A unique tag for every user to the lab to save their experiences to.

Another part of my involvment were two video edits users recieve after interacting with the Sketchbots and Universal Orchestra experiments. These are automatically produced from my template edit, incorporating footage captured live within the museum. They are then uploaded to Youtube and saved to users unique Lab Reports.

Below are the two videos from my own personal Lab Report.