Creative Work by Sean Pruen
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Title: Designed By Air

Client: McLaren

Agency: Sapient

Year: 2013


The McLaren P1 is the first comercially availible concept car from the Bristish company since the McLaren F1 and has been strictly limited to only 375 units.

This is a car that was born out of aerodynamic research and it was the job of the B-Reel London motion team to realize that in an engaging way. Working with Sapient, we created an interactive film that showcases various components of the car. These components are literally sculpted by air streams from an ever evolving material. The material starts life as nothing more than light streaks, it then gains mass and transforms into metal, rock and finally carbon fibre. It is in this state that the car is finally revealed.

I was resonsible for the particle animation at the top of the experience, a percentage of the 3D animation and the majority of the compositing. The final car renders at the end were created by Burrows CGI