Creative Work by Sean Pruen
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Title: Galaxy Getaways

Client: Marvel / Disney

Agency: Google Zoo

Year: 2014

To promote the launch of Disney’s new film, Guardians of the Galaxy, we created The Galaxy Getaways - a faux travel agency that lets you experience an interstellar holiday.

Working with Google Zoo, we created a fully-responsive HTML multi-platform website for a global audience. Visitors to the site could enjoy a travel experience through space, being whisked from their Google Map location and transported to the planet of their choosing.

At the various destinations, users could pick up travel tips and local knowledge about their exotic planetary destinations and even explore the planets with Street View; navigating our bespoke alien landscapes, customised to fully immerse the users in each planet’s look and feel.

Stills from the launch a trip sequence. where users were blasted into space from their homes.

360 matte paintings from Street View imagery.