Creative Work by Sean Pruen
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Title: #RaceFace

Client: Honda

Agency: Lost Boys

Year: 2015

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

URL: #RaceFace Youtube

#RaceFace aimed to recreate the feeling of travelling at high speed in the Honda Civic Type R. It put users into a fully immersive experience of sound, light and intense blast of air.

Audio playback, LED lighting, a 240 mph gust from a leaf blower and a 240 fps video capture were all triggered via Arduino (and a shiny red button). A build that was helped to be realised with production partners 'Urban Visuals'.

Each user's #RaceFace capture was played back after their experience in the booth on a monitor on the outside for all to see. The capture was then processed through an After Effects project and uploaded to Youtube for users to share on their social channels.

We designed and produced the bespoke video booth in a warehouse in Hackney, London before it was transported to the Geneva International Motor Show.

I was the creative lead on the project, responsible for the physical design of the booth, the video capture solution, sound design, video processing, setup and production of the video above.

Final design of the video booth with graphic wrap and attendant stand.