Creative Work by Sean Pruen
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Title: Prius – Future Forward

Client: Toyota / Creators Project / Vice

Agency: Saachi & Saachi LA

Year: 2016

Location: NYC / Chicago / LA, USA

Future Forward was an event conceived by The Creators Project and VICE in partnership with Toyota Prius. A showcase of emerging digital artists who created a variety of kinetic, digital and light based sculptures and installations. The show toured three US cities; New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

As part of the event we created a special installation to showcase the Toyota Prius in a fitting way. A 49 key keyboard was installed in a bespoke transparent housing and when played, triggered dynamic animations to play out across a sculpted, pixel mapped display. This display was moulded over the car in a form that was reminiscent to the aerodynamics of the Prius.

The public were encouraged to have a go and were also treated to special performances by various artists from VICE’s record label.

I was responsible for the design of the whole build, the logic behind the interaction and creating a collection of looping animations that the dynamic animation triggered by the keys would sit upon.

For the purposes of filming the installation in an isolated state for the 360 video above, I created a 1 minute audio driven animation for the display. The video below shows this animation playing across my original 3D schematic of the whole installation.