Creative Work by Sean Pruen
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Title: Driven By Style

Client: Auto Trader

Agency: Zambezi LA

Year: 2016

Location: Miami, Florida, USA

To promote Auto Trader’s search by colour website functionality, we setup an installation in the fashionable Wynwood Arts District of Miami. People’s clothing could be scanned and then the colours were projected across the street and onto a parked car along with the message - Driven by Style.

A pillar contained a sonar detector to sense that someone was in front of it and a ring of LEDs animated in sequence to show the user that they were about to be scanned. The sequence resulted in bright white and a HD camera captured imagery of the clothing. Up to 5 dominant colours were automatically picked and then used to colour separate matte layers of animation within a Watchout server. These were then projected via 3 20k projectors across the street and over the car resulting in one solid colour and messaging on the back wall. After a few moments the colour transitioned out, back onto the street.

I was responsible for the creative direction of the project and all the projection mapped animation.

Setting up on location in the Wynwood Arts District, Miami.