Creative Work by Sean Pruen
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Title: Mercedes NOW

Client: Mercedes Benz

Agency: Vice

Year: 2016

Location: London, UK

Awards: FWA Site of the Day

While the automotive industry rushes to launch its latest innovation in the electric car market, the Mercedes-Benz vision for electric car is avalible right now.

To showcase the NOW in the most exciting, unpredictable way possible, we created the first live commercial. Live for twelve hours and it was all shot—and broadcast—in real-time.

The film was captured with multiple live cameras and data feeds. The commercial was live edited into a single stream on YouTube—a 60 second “Vision Mix” that looped 720 times within the 12 hours and every time it looped, the film evolved from its previous versions.

The installation was made up of many analog and digital components; a foucault pendulum that drew spirals in white sand that fell from a giant 12 hourglass, real time data visualisations of hashtags and statistics displayed in WebGL, an accurate representation of sunlight cast on the Earth upon a spherical screen and live streams from external locations, presenting both people and place.

There were also performances throughout the day, including live musicians and an artistic representation of the human day performed for the whole 12 hours by dancer Resi Bender, choreographed by artist Darren Johnston.

No matter how many times you watched the film, you never saw the same thing twice. The project had over 1 million live views and was the number one trending video on Youtube that day.

I was responsible for overseeing the whole project and design of the set.

Behind the scenes

My original previsualization of the set and vision mix created in Cinema 4D, in comparison to the final output.