Creative Work by Sean Pruen
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Title: Kiss My Airs

Client: Nike

Year: 2017

Location: Paris, France

Awards: FWA Site of the Day

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Nike Air Max and to launch Nike's latest sneaker - The VaporMax, we created a 140m wide projection that covered the entire facade of the Pompidou Centre in Paris. Back in 1987 shoe designer, Tinker Hadfield was inspired by the building which led to the air bubble being on the outside of the shoe.

Working with lots of motion talent as well as 10 commissioned artists from around the world the film was made up of hundreds of looping animated gifs. A format that was also celebrating its 30th anniversary and reflected the vibrancy and creativity of today’s youth - an intense mashup of technology, art, fashion, sport and culture. The show ran in front of a huge crowd in Paris and was streamed live to the world on Facebook.

See all the gifs we made here.

Behind the scenes