Creative Work by Sean Pruen
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Title: Fright Club

Client: JBL / Google Assistant

Year: 2018

To promote JBL’s portable speaker range, that features Google Assistant, we threw an epic Halloween party and immersive theatre experience in the Victorian cellers of Shoreditch Town Hall.

Guests were first treated to ‘the get in’, a horror labyrinth in which they were given a safe phrase to use - 'Hey Google, Turn the lights on'. While navigating the dark maze, they shouted the phrase resulting in an intense audio blast and strobe lighting that revealed two terrifying twins snarling and screaming at them.

Next they had to make their way through the freezer, where dead bodies hung. A nod to the product feature of being able to control the temperature in your home.

What lied ahead we’re multiple rooms to explore. A torture room where two dominatrixes inflicted some of the worst music imaginable on their victims. A ‘chill out’ cell will hundreds of prisoner requests to try out on the product chained to the wall. A dentist chair surrounded by lab equipment to pose with for a Polaroid takeaway and a fortune teller where Google could help predict your future.

The main party was a carnaval of freaky goings on. Live DJs delivered the soundtrack, while macabre performances including a contortionist and wax girl?! played out in amongst the crowd. I directed the whole event + designed the identity, fly posters and projected visuals that were mapped to the architecture of the venue.