Creative Work by Sean Pruen
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Title: Eternal Run

Client: ASICS

Agency: Edelman Deportivo

Year: 2019

Awards: Cannes Lions - GRAND PRIX / DandAD - Wood Pencil / Drum Awards - Gold for Best Brand Experience & Event

To launch GlideRide, the latest advanced running shoe from ASICS, we designed a run like no other. The first race without a finish line.

Athletes from all over the world were invited to Salt Lake City in Utah and then transported out to the Bonneville Salt Flats with no idea what to expect. As the sun rose they set out upon the epic landscape, running only against their own mind and body. Meanwhile at base camp, press and sports scientists observed and evaluated each of the athlete’s positions and pace on interactive screens.A baseline pace had been initially set for each athlete and they had three opportunities to drop below that pace before being called back by the race director.

Basecamp also facilitated the ASICS Analyser to evaluate run posture, presentations and information about the GlideRide product, refreshment bar, locker and changing facilities and telescopic and remote camera viewing of the race.

I was the lead creative on the event side, from designing basecamp to the UX of the mobile app that tracked the runners. Filming of the event was directed by ZCDC who I worked collaboratively with throughout the production.

My previsualization of the event.

Comparisons between my pre viz and the actual event.