Creative Work by Sean Pruen
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Title: Your Brilliance, Enhanced

Client: Invisalign

Agency: Aesop

Year: 2019

Invisalign are a future thinking brand that have transformed traditional methods of teeth alignment with advanced, state of the art, digital technology. Their ethos is that their technology is and extension of expert human orthodontists’ knowledge and skill.

To visually illustrate human expertise with tech innovation, we worked with composer Mikkel Maltha who wrote a piece of music that he played live on set. As he pressed the keys on the piano visuals were created and manipulated in real time and projected upon 32 glass columns that surrounded him. A visually abstracted story of disorder becoming aligned through human skill and digital innovation.

I directed the film as well as designed the set which was a reflection of the 32 teeth in the human head. The columns were made from translucent glass to subtly illustrate the Invisalign product.

Behind the scenes images.