Creative Work by Sean Pruen
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Title: XBOX Series X - UK Launch

Client: XBOX

Agency: Edelman / Assembly

Year: 2020

The new Xbox Series X is the world’s most powerful console, and Microsoft wanted to announce it to the world with an event that matched its incredible capabilities. So we hosted an epic virtual event that let fans be part of the launch and experience its power.

We built a 3.6-meter-high monolithic structure, inspired by the console itself, on a rooftop in central London. The structure was front and centre during a six-hour broadcast counting down to the console’s release on YouTube show XBOX ON.

During the livestream, the monolith came to life with incredible 3D animation, optical illusions, real-time holograms, and an immersive 3D soundtrack. We created pre-rendered, optically correct projection-mapped animation for multiple camera angles. And in addition, we projected content into the air to create volumetric light beams that were virtually mapped in real-time with the same content overlaid.

The structure also served as a platform for social interaction. People could influence the monolith in real-time on Twitch, adding comments, answering questions, reacting with Twitch emotes, and more for a chances to win a Series X and see their name in holographic glory.

We felt extra pressure to deliver excellent work and carefully considered each detail because we knew discerning Xbox fans would scrutinise every single frame of the experience. My team worked tirelessly to pull off an audio/visual show like no other for an audience of millions—and in six weeks from start to finish. We also won the audience over with plenty of Xbox Easter eggs, nostalgia, and hidden 5×5 codes they could use to redeem exclusive game content in the Xbox store.

I was the creative director for all the many elements of the project.

Behind the scenes.