Creative Work by Sean Pruen
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ARCHIVE – A historic record of all the other creative work I have produced & been involved in over the years that is not featured in my main portfolio.

+ 2021

Spot I directed for Bentley to launch their Bentayga S.

+ 2020

Spot for Italian coffee machine makers Dalla Corte that I directed and animated.

+ 2018

Light installation set piece I designed to illustrate the science of Dove deodorant at a molecular level. A fresh, real world take on the usual computer generated 'science bit'. The installation ran directly from my Cinema4D project which meant I could teak the animated light sequence dynamically and precisely on set.

Motion design for the launch of Candy Crush & Friends game launch. Projected on a skyscraper in NYC that picked up a Guinness World Record for the largest ever architectural projection mapped game.

+ 2017

Creative direction for an immersive dinner for premium kitchen appliance brand: Dacor. Guests were treated to OLED dining tables, immersive 360 LED content, dramatic lighting, intriguing scents and haptic effects all while enjoying some good grub.

To tease the launch of Yamaha's top of the range workstation, we created a film that focused on the quality of sound and the creative potential the machine has. A piece of music was firstly composed on the Genos and then used to drive particle animation composited with live action hands. As the film progresses, the keyboard is revealed from the music.

A little graphic project that reimagines my son's toys as mobile apps.

All images here: Toys Not Apps

+ 2016

Various involvment in the latest installment of the Omen Challenge - A computer games tournament with physical tortures inflicted on the players by the voting audience.

Photography project: Grand Theft Auto – My Weapon of Choice

My ‘in game camera’ photography from the visually stunning, open world of Grand Theft Auto 5.

Creative direction for this pretty damn sexy photobooth for Skyn condoms. Slow motion video capture was triggered when the two people inside touched and got intimate with each other.

+ 2015

An idea I came up with to help Syrian refugees.

Direction of short promo spot plus lighting and camera setup for the interactive live launch of Pringles Tortilla chips. We let users smash a real piñata live, online, using a remote controlled robotic arm. ¡Arriba!

Animation direction and design for the HP OMEN Challenge, an eSports event with a difference that was broadcasted live on Twitch.

+ 2014

Motion graphics for the Microsoft Xbox 'Sunset Overdrive' glitch campaign. I created the actual glitch that happend in the TVC as well as other video assets that appeared throughout the devlishly hard puzzles such as the parallax perspective CCTV QR code.

Creative lead for LG's brochure site for the 'G Watch R'. The first spherical, wearable screen on the market.

Creative lead for the production of stage visuals and presentations at the Qatar Airways' international conference which was held in Doha, Qatar.

Creative lead for the 'Ford Transit iPad App' together with agency, Blue Hive. This app lets users explore the range of Ford commercial vehicles, look around the cabin and load area and walk around the exterior. Watch product videos; discover the vans new features, the bodystyles and more.

Design and build of 'Star Canvas', a Leap Motion controlled planatarium that user's could contribute their own constellations to.

+ 2013

Became Motion Director at 'B-Reel'.

Overseeing of the creation of perfect video loops for 'Mercedes-Benz Sound With Power' campaign. A digital experence that let users choose different audio/video samples to create and share their own musical mashups.

Overseeing of user interface animation for 'Hello Bank' TVC directed by Paul Dugdale. This involved the Czech National Symphony Orchestra playing "March of the Toreadors" from the opera “Carmen” on 227 devices in one of Prague's most established theatres.

Development for British Airways' 'Magic of Flying' digital billboard. I intially directed a test shoot with some of the creatives from Ogilvy, London and their kids to see if the idea was feasible - it was :) The idea was to have pre-recorded footage of children gleefully pointing at actual planes that were flying above the billboard. Lots of clever tech masked by a simple idea.

Music promo colour grading for the track 'Lullaby' by Caned & Able, directed by Rory McKellar.

Animation to launch 'Escape Flight', a service to easily find your perfect weekend getaway.

+ 2012

A little round up of my trip to California with my wife Lauren. Some of the shots in the film were bought from us and used in a couple of American commercials for car tyres.

The same trip but seen through the eyes of Google Maps

Creative consultant for Google's 'Auto Awesome' automatic editing feature that ships with Android mobile devices. We designed 20 different themes for people to choose from.

A 90 second animation to explain the concept of 'Stipple Shopping. A service which let sellers embed links and ecommerce directly into sharable images.

UX direction for an interactive version of the 'Chivas Regal 18' TVC. Simple, playful interactions re-enforced the brands messages in a playful way. The experience was seen via the digital iPad versions of GQ and Wallpaper magazine.

Motion and edit for 'New Clapham' library building promo spot for Realise Creative.

Motion graphics for 'Johnnie Walker F1' that was displayed in airport duty free stores.

Video production workshop for people with learning and physical disabilities run by 'The Kingsley Organisation' and photographer 'Tricia Porter'. I taught the group how to use a camera, record sound and how to interview people effectivly. The group went on to shoot lots of footage which I then put together into a documentary called 'The Changing Ways of Theale' which sat alongside a photographic book they made.

+ 2011

Elaborate banner campaign for French bank Caisse d'Epargne.

Started full time at 'B-Reel' as senior motion designer.

Evidently Showreel 2011.

Information film motion design for the 'Pinova' resin company.

Photoshoot art direction for Headline Publishing print ad for the novel 'American Devil' by Oliver Stark.

Direction of two information films for Groupe Aeroplan about the 'Sainsbury's Nectar Card Scheme' and its analytics. In post I used camera tracking to place the motion graphics into the scenes.

Motion titles & grade for powerful melanoma awareness film 'Dear 16-year-old-me' for skin cancer charity David Cornfield Melanoma Fund. This now has had over 10 million views.

Edit and grade for Redbull online spot staring Welsh international rugby union player 'Jamie Roberts'. This was my first colaboration with photographer David Clerihew.

Edit of 16mm short 'Diana' directed by Aleem Khan. The film has been accepted into numerous festivals including the 'New York', 'Milan', 'London East End' and 'The London Gay & Lesbian'. It has also won best short at the Iris film awards.

+ 2010

Edit and sound design of short fashion film for the 'Duck and Cover' clothing line as part of a photo shoot by photographer David Clerihew.

Full motion title package for reality web series 'SmoberUp'. Titles, lower thirds, transitions and more.

Promotional film for Treasury Holdings' 'Battersea Power Station project' with architect Rafael Viñoly.

Edit and grade of this spot for the Sky 1 drama series'Strike Back. Based on the novel by Chris Ryan it starred Richard Armitage as an elite SAS solider fighting in Iraq.

Animation for the President of the Seychelles' Charity event 'Unmasked Catwalk'.

+ 2009

My film 'The Mast' featured in the book 'Graphic Design: A User's Manual' by acclaimed graphic designer and writer Adrian Shaughnessy

Motion design for 'The Shine Trust' charity fundraiser at the Roundhouse in London presented by Jon Snow. The work included title design, transitions and a live totaliser.

Entry for the 'E4 Stings' competition 2009.

+ 2008

Started full time at production company 'Evidently'. The work ranges from motion graphics, editing, sound design, studio shoots and directing. Working for clients such as Dove, Lynx/Axe, Rexona/Sure, Zaha Hadid, Battersea Power Station, Nicorette, Headline Books, Persil, Surf & Unilever.

Submission for the 'Nine Inch Nails - Ghosts' film festival. Using google satellite imagery this short film depicts all sites around the world used for nuclear testing ending with a view of Hiroshima.

Motion design for a 30 metre projection for 'Royal Caribbean Cruises' at their annual international conference.

Set & props build for an art house feature called 'Anaphylaxis' which was being shot at Ealing Studios.

+ 2007

Motion graphics for the Spiderman 3 premiere in London. This incredibly tight turnaround gave me just over a week to create motion sequences, red carpet backdrops and a 30 minute VJ set. All of which were shown on seven giant LED screens (the largest that Leicester Square had ever seen).

Photography and post production for documentary/reality TV show about beauty pageants. The two day 'Hawaiian Tropic' event happened in a socialite club in Chelsea called 'The Collection'. Commissioned by owner Jag I cut an amusing portrayal of the modern beauty pageant which turned out to be a very bizarre experience.

Production of TV Pilot 'Glitch', an idea realized by producer and friend Rory Mckellar and myself. Glitch is the convergence of independent thinking and technology. An interactive WEB and TV based revolution that confronts conformist culture. For the moments in life when something just doesn't add up'.

We had it proof tested by the operations manager of new media for Channel 4 and he gave it to the head of commisioning there. He then requested two more copies to show other commissioners and the people at E4. - The project had much interest but never recieved propper funding due to the recession and the need for 'safe' television- However, the learning through the project was hugely beneficial.

Camera and edit of showreel material for actor 'Lisa Jane Gregory' I shot and cut three monologues for her.

Website design and build for short film 'Original City Desires' directed by Wesley Chambers.

Edit of 'Norma Jean Misheard Lyrics' video. It got banned from Youtube. Watch the original here.

Motion graphics for an inventor by the name of 'John Mott'. John has the most patents of any individual UK inventor. The two projects are still hush hush however what I can tell you is that I illustrated and animated concept designs.

Sound design for the 'T9 Predictive Text Company'.

+ 2006

Logo and branding for a company called 'Amalgamate(s)' who run retro themed cinema/club nights.

Website design and build for a short film called 'the 11th Commandment', starring Natalia Tena of 'Harry Potter' and 'About a Boy' Fame.

Website design and build for an independent film company called 'Filmatic Visions'.

Music video for Bollywood producer Sam Sterling, AKA 'Popo Gigi'. This tongue in cheek video was based on an Indian guru character obsessed with William Shakespeare. The majority of the video was shot against green screen in a studio in North London however we also shot at Shakespere's Globe Theatre on the south bank. I directed, shot, cut and deigned the motion for the video.

1st AD on UK independant feature film 'Nadine'. Our first assistant director left the production early on leaving me to take on the role. I had a tremendous workload organising over 30 actors and a large crew. It was predominantly shot on a council estate in Roehampton in London.

Website design and build for feature film 'Nadine'.

Documentary about mouth and foot painter and friend 'Tom Yendell'. I produced a 10min biography, a timelapse painting sequence and achievements gallery plus the cover artwork and full authoring of the DVD. The Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Association watched the films at their international event at Lord Mayor Treloars, Hampshire.

Filming of artist Tom Yendell at the Royal College of Art at a special exhibition to celebrate 50th aniversary of The Mouth and Foot Painting Association. I shot the evening and then cut it that night ready for television news shows in the morning.

Website design and build for (my wife) and artist 'Lauren Porter' the creater of '12 miles of yarn' a full scale hand knitted Ferrari. Which was widely exhibited and caused much media attention.

Visuals for Brighton club night 'Fierce'. I made a video loop of funny and visually exciting footage to be projected around the club.

Website design and build for 'The Callender Trust', an organization, which teaches young people in deprived areas production skills such as camera and editing. The site will be online soon.

Sound assisting at The Dorchester Hotel on Park Lane. Set up of PA and mics for a large scale corporate event.

Sound assisting for ITV's morning show 'The Wright Stuff'.

Stage projections for an opera called 'Blonde Eckbert'. produced by 'The Opera Group'. I created four motion sequences and solutions to intergrate them into the stage design. This taunt psychological thriller directed by John Fulljames was inspired by the films of Alfred Hitchcock. It opened at London's Royal Opera House and then toured around the country.

Promotional material for 'Future Screen Films'. A company that promotes young talented filmmakers starting out in the film world.

Started freelancing.

Studio assistant, sound assistant and prop builder for Nickelodeon show 'The Crunch'. The show was shot 'as live' 5 times a week and as well as my normal duties I had to gunge children and dress up like an idiot daily - see video below.

Studio and sound assistant for 'World Vision' charity spot by 'Peter Muggleston Productions'. The commercial was shot on 16mm film.

Studio and sound assistant for an 'Al Jazera' news spot.

Sound assistant & set builder for 'Footaball Italia' which aired live on Bravo TV.

Promoted to studio & sound assistant at 'Molinare' studios.

+ 2005

Started as a post production runner for one of Britain's longest established and most highly respected post-production houses 'Molinare' .

Website and promo artwork for electro pop band 'Beauty Skool Dropout'.

Art direction on two shoots for bi-monthly magazine 'Hooker'. A free magazine that was distributed around the UK in shops, bars and clubs.

Graduated with a Fine Art Bachelor of Arts degree at Sheffield Hallam University.

Production of final degree show film 'There is no Teacher for Love' which was shown at 'The Showroom' cinema Sheffield.

Runner on short film 'Wake Up' directed by Emmy winner Martin Raddich with Pooka Productions/Screen Yorkshire.

Title design for short film 'Buttons' directed by Kostas Georgakakis.

Art director and motion design for short film 'The King and the Lion' directed by Pandula Godawatta.

Art department for short, 16mm film 'Ali' directed by Fawad Kahn.

Music promo art director and set builder for the track 'Ebony' by 'Future eX-Wife', directed by Jon Lowe with Pooka Productions. I built a huge oven and the band cooked some strippers in it.