Creative Work by Sean Pruen
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The following is a collection of short animation tests in prep for projects & just for the fun of it.

Cara Delevingne photogrammetry effected using Cinema4D and AE.

Pre-visualisations I created for various past projects.

Various looping animation experiements that were posted on my Instagram in 2017

Lighting tests using 3D laser scanned models of renaissance and hellenistic sculpture.

Drawing with Tiltbrush on the HTC Vive

Camera texture mapping in Cinema 4D

Original NASA imagery

Aerodynamics in Cinema 4D

Audio driven animation with Trapcode Particular in After Effects

Typographic experiements in Cinema 4D

Extreme slow motion using Twixtor in After Effects

Partical dynamics with Trapcode Particular in After Effects

Camera tracking with After Effects

Lighting effects in After Effects

Mograph physics in Cinema 4D

Nothing but After Effects